What is Writer’s Club?

Writers club


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Writers’ Club is a place for writers and thinkers to develop reflective practice, challenge themselves and immerse themselves in the joy of words. Students meet weekly for two hours and both write and share their works. It is a safe place where the pleasure of being a creative spirit is embraced. We are into our seventh year. This website is a relatively new hub to record our work and it is in a constant

Writer’s Camp 2015

Writers’ Camp has proven to be a highlight of the Writers’ Club year and is eagerly anticipated, particularly by those who have attended previous camps. Most students only experience a critical audience for their writing as teachers and parents help to support their responses to written assessment. Few ever have an audience who enjoy their words for simple pleasure. My intention for Writers’ Club and each subsequent camp, is to provide a venue for students to find their voice, draw upon the joy and liberation of words, while discovering and utilising skills that can help make their work tighter. By creating an immersive world to focus the girls attention, they have a safe space to build their own stories while integrating the characters contrived by each student attending. The student’s investment in their own characters and the constructed world gives authenticity to their words and while we include short skill based workshops, they are always delivered in role and contribute to the suspension of disbelief. Students share their stories and constructively critique one another. This year we created a sister school to Hogwarts and students had a hand in creating the back stories for each of the newly founded houses as well as their own characters. Unfortunately one of our long time members was unable to attend due to a nasty fall, but rather than allow her to miss out, we made her character the focus of the complication and she will be gifted with the stories that her character is central to.

Perhaps Emily Hope Grade 12 puts it best

“I’ve enjoyed everything about this camp. Working on my writing skills individually and with people, creating and melding words into ideas that create a whole new world filled with imaginary creatures that open up a whole new dimension, and learning to become wordsmiths, sharing artwork in the form of words, is an experience I will not forget, no matter how old I am’.


This camp was an absolute pleasure and my thanks go to Sandra Cantarutti, Nicola Martin, Laura Byerlee, Olivia Bentley-Hill and Beth Durack for helping me make it possible.

Juliette Bentley
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Writers’ Camp 2013

Writer’s Club has had a fantastic year, starting off with a bang at the annual camp, with a pop culture theme. The writer’s came dressed as characters from all areas of pop culture – Doctor Who, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Supernatural, even Pokémon. They spent the 2 days honing writing skills, finishing with a group reading of extended pieces about an attack from Doctor Who villain, The Master, and how the characters present would react. It was a fun and stimulating weekend, filled with fantastic stories and amazing costumes. Although this event was a highlight, Writer’s Club still occurs every week on Friday afternoon during the year. Our fantastic leader and Alpha, Mrs Bentley, provides stimulus to help us with ideas for our writing. A normal afternoon involves a quick brain dump to clear people’s minds, followed by stimulus material, which can range from pictures to songs, or even people’s shoes as happened one afternoon. Then the writing happens. For over 30 minutes, the only sound in the room is the scratching of pens and the silent whirring of minds. Once this is done, sharing and critiquing occurs, where people can share what they’ve created, and be given constructive criticism to improve their writing. It is often amazing, what the young writers can get on to paper in half an hour. Sometimes the room is sent into uncontrollable fits of laughter, others into absolute silence and awe. One thing is for certain, the Writer’s Club has had an amazing, inspirational year. We even have a new blog to share some of the written highlights. It doesn’t matter your age, or writing ability, because everyone is connected through a love for words, and through the amazing leadership of Mrs Bentley, we are assured a fantastic close to each week.

By Mollie O’Connor Writer’s Club Captain 2013

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