Christmas Wish by Abbie McDermott Year 7 2015


It hurts.

Life and choices


going through this.

Because I don’t want to be stuck in a world

where a kiss is from an iron fist.

Or the way you dress, and who you are is “not right”.

Where people are judged by size, eye color, gender, another fender,

all I want for everyone to be loved.

I don’t want to live in a place

where a day is pain, and rain is dripping with acid.

Or if I were to be strange,


in love with some the same,

I’d be beaten or shunned.


I want a world where we’re all accepted.

A world in which a boy could wear skirts,


a girl could be seen as a future president,

where everyone’s dreams are embraced.

Where families acknowledge their gratitude

for one another

and love…

Always love.

Where the snow falling is a fresh beginning.

Where Santa doesn’t put good and bad into categories,

and stops watching us while we sleep.

Where children scattered across the streets are safe and happy.

Where cowering citizens look at the sky

and whisper a “merry Christmas” under their own roof’s

rather than a battlefield.

Where death isn’t bountiful,

I want a Christmas where it’s truly Christmas.


So my wish for Christmas this year,

is to bring our merriness to the ones who need it,

to protect the children,

women and men fighting for us,

Bringing families back together.


That’s all I want for Christmas.


About banjodog2013

I have been teaching for twenty five years and love my vocation more with each passing day. I want to help both students and colleagues to embrace digital technologies in the classroom, and keep learning engaging for both stakeholders.
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