I remember by Ellie Hambleton

I remember an ocean storm,

electric waters reaching for the hidden moon.

I remember watching wisps of white swim across the sky,

eagle’s wings diving in and out of their foggy depths.

I remember rushing streams,

their race shaded by oaks and elms,

the romp of dingoes under curling gums.

Royal manes, shimmering feathers, gleaming black claws… I remember

I remember when the world was green.


That was then.


Now cumbersome toads squirm through sludgy marshes.

Long dead mangrove roots protrude, like wooden needles,

daring any creature to venture over the violent mud,

Now, brown smog tumbles like a tired acrobat and rises to smother the sun.

Now there are no sparrows,

no flashes of red in the rafters.

No predatory growls rustling through long grasses.

Acid has replaced rain.

Lifeless dirt has replaced soil.

And while the human empire becomes stronger,

our dying earth disintegrates beneath our feet.


Soon there will be no place

to call



About banjodog2013

I have been teaching for twenty five years and love my vocation more with each passing day. I want to help both students and colleagues to embrace digital technologies in the classroom, and keep learning engaging for both stakeholders.
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